FREEDOM 21-1-21

21 January 2021 09:48

FREEDOM: everyone loves freedom and does all not only to preserve it, does all to protect, irrespective of age, for example,, when the child is fastened by mother by his/her legs, the child makes all efforts to unfasten and open the cloth with which he/she is tied and if not cared by mother, starts crying to beg the mother to relieve him/her from this punishment. To protect freedom, agitations and strikes take place, in schools and college, soon as the students leave their classes, they all are observed as if they have been relieved from the jail, parliament makes many laws to ensure compliance and for compliance for these, is exercised governance through police, governmental agencies and departments, and WHEN ITIS FELT BY ANYONE THAT IT IS AFFECTING HIS/HER FREEDOM, the concerned person agitates and resorts to all sorts of action to preserve one's freedom. Now coming to family, when mother or father exerts certain discipline and/or rules, children do their best to avoid these by hide and seek and at time by disobedience as well, IN CASE OF MARRIED COUPLE, struggle and arguments continue all the time as both husband and wife want to keep their freedom and are not ready to accept orders, arguments, pressure tactics by means and behaviours etc. all this, to enable them to preserve their freedom, IN OFFICES and workplaces freedom is curtailed and soon as the establishment is closed after office hours, the workers, employees etc. heave sigh of relief and feel free as such to do whatever they want to do without any binding and interference. NEVERTHELESS as we are social beings, do like to live with others and enjoy, in some places under compulsion as well , for example, in workplaces, in families, in religions, in communities, etc. etc. and undoubtedly COMPANY AND ASSOCIATION IN ALL THESE ACTIVITIES AND PEOPLE, DOES CURB OUR FREEDOM, AND WE ACCEPT THIS CURB AND DO NOT FEEL AFFECTED as this curb FULFILLS OUR MAIN PURPOSE, MISSION ETC. to make our earning, to remain protected, to enjoy peace etc. etc. IN CONCLUSION; FREEDOM EVERYONE LOVES, DOES ALL TO PRESERVE IT BUT AS ONE IS TO LIVE WITH OTHERS AS A SOCIAL BEING FOR ENJOYMENT, LIVING, EARNING ETC. ONE READILY ACCEPTS REASONABLE CURB ON HIS/HER BUT WHEN IT GETS UNREABLE, HARSH, COERCIVE AND INTOLERABLE, CRITISIMS, STRUGGLES, STIKES, AGITATION ARE RESORTED TO GET BACK AND RESTORE FREEDOM. THUS TOTAL FREEDOM DOESN'T EXIST AND SHALL NEVER EXIST, TOLERANT AND BEARABLE CURBS SHALL ALWAYS EXIST AND WILL BE ACCEPTED GLADLY. IN CONCLUSION TO THINK OF TOTAL FREEDOM WILL BE AN ILLUSION AND COULD COULD TEND TO ALL TYPES OF PUNISHMENTS TO BRING BACK CORRECTIONS. ................................................................... written by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, to contact vasdevloond 9811943867 tks