FRIENDS 10-11-21

10 November 2021 12:37

FRIENDS; THERE CAN BE CONFLICTS IN FAMILY, RELATIONS ETC. BUT NEVER IN FRIENDS, IF EVER IT HAPPENS, PROBLEM IS SORTED OUT BY FRIENDS BY EXPLAINING AND CLEARING MISUNDERSTANDING. 2. FRIENDSHIP GIVES OPENING SPACE TO FRIENDS TO TALK FREELY IN THE MANNER EACH ONE WANTS, THERE IS NO RESERVATION AT ALL,IT IS VERY GOOD RELATIONSHIP TO ALLOW RELAXATION, ENJOYMENT, UNDERSTANDING AND ACCOMMODATION OF EACH OTHER. FRIENDS; FRIENDS; It is essential to have friends in life. It is they with whom one can enjoy, cut jokes, share worries, discuss solutions, and what not. They are repository of secrets, love and inspiration. Wife is said to be most confident, true but feel free and what one wants to say to friends, needs no reservations but with wife one would talk what she enjoys as also as and when she is free and attentive to listen to what one wants to say. Howsoever frank one may be, some sort of reservation does exist with wife but not at all with friends. IT IS DIFFICULT TO MAKE AND DEVELOP FRIENDS. It is said school friends are the best as at this stage, liking for each other is the bondage while later on interests of some sort or the other do remain. Friendship needs to be cultivated and groomed all along by meets, communication, exchange of ideas and love for each other. Each one in life at some stage or other gets worried, is unable to talk over and seek some solution,.. at this stage, one finds recourse to none else except the nearest, dearest and close friends called chums. HENCE FRIENDS ARE RESPIRATORS TO LIFE AND IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ONE MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE OR TWO FRIENDS IN LIFE TO TALK OVER AND GET RID OF WORRIES. TKS.