21 June 2019 06:29

GARDENER IS THE LIFE OF THE FLOWER, LIKEWISE HUSBAND IS THE LIFE OF THE WIFE. How and in what manner? Gardner imagines which type of flower he should sow, at which soil and in which area. Likewise husband also imagines to marry, looks up for the best mate, family members and the status they all hold. This effort I have put into write-up HOW TO SELECT A PARTNER. As the gardener selects the seed, likewise the husband also looks up as to who could be his matching partner, called soulmate, though with women empowerment, the choice of selection has shifted from the boy to the girl and it is she who exercise her choice. It is possible that gardener may not get the quality of SEED as he wished for, and instead compromises and accepts what is available. In the same manner, marriage is also called a COMPROMISE, THE MOST WILLING COMPROMISE IT IS THE BETTER IT SHAPES UP THE COUPLE LIFE. As the gardener does his all to ensure that the seed grows into tree and gives birth to the flowers, as he has wished for and made all efforts therefor, in the same manner, husband needs to make all efforts to enjoy the fruits of marriage which culminate into HAPPY AND PROGRESSIVE COUPLE LIFE. The gardener takes all care, even though the seed was not of his WANTED CHOICE, to put in best fertilizers, moving the ground, watering it and take all care to protect from all onslaughts of insects, squirrels, birds, heavy hot and cold winds and dust etc. etc., in the same manner the husband needs equivalent efforts and if not more, to protect the wife, after marriage, from the onslaught and/ or hardships generated by parents, relations, in-laws, changing habits and manners and compulsions to adjust and cooperate, abandoning freedom, essentially TO REGULATE HIMSELF TO ENSURE THAT ALL COMFORTS AND FULFILLMENT OF ASPIRATIONS ARE MET, IN HIS HOPE AND EFFORT TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF HIS DREAMS, EFFORTS AND PATIENCE, IN THE FORM OF LOVING AND FRAGRANCE GIVING WIFE ALWAYS AND ALL THE TIME. So does the gardener to ensure that day by day the flower grows bigger and bigger enriched with scent and fragrance to turn the garden into total area of joy and happiness, enthrilling and enjoying all the time unless compelled by the needs and compulsion of life. So is the husband to be with and for the wife all the time except to get to work, earn the living and remain motivated and eager to return home as early as he can. HENCE SELECTION OF PARTNER EVEN IF IT IS NOT AS ASPIRED AND EXPECTED, AFTER MARRIAGE, CARE, LOVE AND HOPE TO MAKE IT THE MOST LOVING, ENVIABLE, GLOWING AND PROGRESSIVE MARRIED COUPLE LIFE, NEEDS CONTINUOUS AND INCESSANT EFFORT TO ENSURE THAT WIFE REMAINS NOT ONLY A SOURCE OF FRANCE BUT A RESERVOIR OF FRAGRANCE ALL THE TIME AND ALWAYS. tks