02 April 2021 03:45

IS GENDER BIAS NATURAL OR MAN-MADE> I way say both: why natural? it is because of weak physical strength and is essential as a part of beauty and attraction. Man-made bias: because of these 2 factors, economic power and that women are just breeders and home-makers enabled man to dominate. But women took to education and became career conscious, economic power is mitigating, freedom and independence are taking their course.CAREER CONSCIOUSNESS has created its own drawbacks like late marriage or no marriage, getting hard core in power lust at the cost of loving and love sharing ones, claiming equal and at times even dominating in the same manner as man has been doing, no-children belief to safeguard beauty, freedom to move in society of her own liking and likewise for profession, boss/colleagues temptations, ARE THESE GOOD FOR HOME MAKING AND FAMILY AND IF NOT HOW TO BALANCE, REMAINS A QUESTION In my mission for the Marriage Guidance New Concept, I am supposed to be asked such questions and I am required to answer to satisfy the audience and advise as to how to BALANCE BOTH EXTREMES: hence comments