27 October 2021 01:29

WHAT A WONDER GIRLS ARE SURPASSING AND EXCELLING BOYS ALMOST IN ALL FIELDS, WHY SO? 1. soon after they finish their studies in schools, colleges, universities etc. the girls rush back to their houses without wasting much time here and there. Thus compared to boy, girls find more time to study. 2. parents remain more conscious and worried to know and ensure that their daughter soon returns to home soon after her studies are over, this happens so daily. 3. women empowerment has given more enlightenment, consciousness and has opened many opportunities for girls to study and become self- reliant. 4. consciousness in girls that they are no more to depend on boys after marriage and must be treated and respected as equal to boys. 5. keen desire to let parents forget and break their myth to be happy when boy is born in the family and feel remorse when a girl is born, believing that she ​is a burden on their resources, ​recurring liability etc. etc. 6. as girls find their parents burdened ​with the idea and responsibility ​necessarily to do savings in order ​do marriage of their daughter. To ​thwart this myth and responsibility ​girls have taken to the path of ​studies and get to various types ​of jo.bsw similar to boys while t sudying and competing with ​boys in schools, colleges, creates ​self confidence in girls not only ​to compete with boys but also ​excel them in any and every sphere. THIS URGE OF COMPETITION AND EXCELLING, WITH MOST OF THE GIRLS REMAINS FOR A FEW YEARS UNTIL THE GIRLS OPT FOR MARRIAGE. DURING THIS PERIOD GIRLS CONCENTRATION ON WORK AND PROGRESS REMAIN FOREMOST AIM TO WORK HARD, GET APPRECIATION, PROMOTIONS, UNDERTAKE HIGHER STUDIES AND PUSH THROUGH FOR BETTER AND BETTER CAREER. THIS TREND HAS HELP EDTHE GIRLS TO GET BETTER PARTNERS, RELIEVES THEIR PARENTS FROM EXPENSES ON MARRIAGE BY THEMSELVES ALONE, DEVELOPS AND ENFORCES CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE PARTNER AND HIS FAMILY THAT THE GIRL IS A WORKING GIRL, NEEDS TO BE TREATED GENTLY AS SHE BECOMES THE SOURCE TO SUPPLEMENT THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES, MANY OF THE GIRLS WHEN THESE GET MARRIA ND BEAR A CHILD, LEAVE THEIR JOBS IN ORDER TO TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSEHOLDS AND TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD. SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE GIRLS CONTINUEWORKING, OVERRULING THE URGE FOR MARRIAGE AND AS GIVING PREFERENCE TO IMPROVE UPON THEIR CAREER HIGHER AND HIGHER, AND AS SUCH WHEREVER SUCH GIRLS WORK, THEIR PERFORMANCE REMAINS BETTER AND THESE GIRLS BETTER THEIR CAREER TREMENDOUSLY. HENCE NOW FIND GIRLS HAVE ALMOST VOLUNTEERED FOR ALMOST ALL JOBS WHICH WERE CONSIDERED TO BE MAN-ORIENTED AND HAVE SUCCEEDED MARVELOUSLY. HOWEVER THE DRAWABACK IS THAT FAMILY FRONT OF SUCH GIRLS GET NEGLECTED AND WHEN AGE PASSES OFF THE NORMAL BRACKET TO MARRY, IT GETS DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO MARRY. HENCE WE SEE THE TREND TO LIVE AS SINGLES, MORE AND MORE, THE BEST PART OF THIS TREND AND GIRLS EXCELLING THE BOYS, HAS GIVEN THE GIRLS SELF CONFIDENCE, HAS GENERATED CONSCIOUS IN BOYS TO TREAT THEM AS EQUAL AND VALUABLE PARTNER. HENCE HUMAN DIGNITY IS MANIFESTED AND ALL EFFORTS ARE DONE BY BOYS TO ADJUST WITH THE ASPIRATIONS AND DEMANDS OF THE GIRLS. NONETHELESS BOYS WHO REMAIN CONSCIOUS FOR THEIR CAREER LIKE THE GIRLS, DO PERFORM MARVELOUSLY WELL IN ALL COMPETITIONS AND DO NEVER WANT TO BE DEFEATED BY GIRLS, BUT COMPARED TO GIRLS WHO HAVE THE URGE TO MOVE FORWARD, MANY BOYS LACK THAT URGE AND AS SUCH FINISH UP A MEDIOCRES. conclusion> it is better to support this trend and encourage by all means to let the girl compete and progress in almost all spheres of lie which will ensure that girls self-confidence, self dependent which will generate conscious in boy to treat girls as EQUALS AND RESPECT THE GIRLS BY ALL MEANS AND MANNERS.