GOD.. 2ND CHAPTER 15-08-19

15 August 2019 03:27

God 2nd chapter.. God called the same man and asked him have you enjoyed the world I have created?The man replied I have enjoyed all the luxuries you created and more than that what man has created even up-to enjoyment with women folk world over. In this further boasted that You must be aware that You who is called Omnipresent and Almighty that man has created wonders of which perhaps You are not aware. Man had created aeroplanes, missiles, atom bombs and is now covering different planets it will not take long for man to dethrone You and send to the world You claim to have created and claim to be invincible and that now man will determine your destiny instead as claimed and determined by You. God in anger replied to the man that you wicked person be aware that I have created all what is necessary for existence of all my creations, not to talk of else if I stop only the air you will not survive even for seconds. Further knowing well that man being wicked and cheat could challenge Me one day I have as such limited your life and have created all creatures to live for some time to enjoy my creations in the manner I determine for each in advance at the time of birth to shine in strength, wisdom and power and sooner or later to decay and/or overpowered by the stronger ones, to die by disease,worries ,fights and to die ultimately sooner or later. You the Man since you have challenged Me I consign you to die be born again and again until and unless you remain subordinated to my commandes, have learnt to love all my creation and shall continue in this cycle of birth and death.However there shall remain an option for you to get rid of this cycle IF YOU DO GOOD DEEDS LOVE AND SERVIMANKIND....thanks vasdevloond marriage guidance new concept.