01 August 2019 06:42

GOD HAS GIVEN US BRAIN AND MIND IT DEPENDS ON EACH INDIVIDUAL HOW HE/SHE USES THESE.Any of these in excess is no good perhaps for a few but not in general. Excess dependence on brain will direct one to more and more excesses , bad, unruly and indulge one in cruel actions like dacoities, thefts, killings and what not, while excess of mind and conscience will force a person to leave this material life and get more and more involved in religious preachings and self-sacrifice. While on the contrary, one is required to live a normal life, that is how society is built up, as also nations and the systems. HENCE TO BALANCE BOTH IS ESSENTIAL. TO LIVE A FRUITFUL, PEACEFUL AND ENJOYABLE LIFE NOT ONLY FOR ONESELF BUT FOR THE FAMILY, AND ALL AROUND. HOW TO ACHIEVE IT IS A QUESTION and the answer, I believe, lies in one's using his brain and then consult his/her conscience, which will dictate whether such an action is desirable and good and as one will find oneself at peace and fearless. The more one practices it, the more shrewd and lovable one will become and I believe will make judicious decisions.