10 August 2020 12:39

GOD.. How to define we believe he is Almighty,Omnipotent,Justice Giver and as such each religion has given Him different names We all must understand that calling by different names is man's creation to create divisions and upkeep their respective identities Thus I come to believe that God is one and had their been more, there would have been confusions and conflicts Then Question arises why do we believe there is God I believe none has ever seen Him, each one has been guided by his/her feelings, perception and in illusion WHAT Is PURPOSE OF LIFE why we come into existence, for material prosperity or for some global cause and in pursuit of this some individuals whom we take as massagers of GOD like Rama Krishna, Mohammed Christ Guru Manila etc and observe that They did endless sacrifices for the benefit of mankind, we perceive then as God and worship them more than God. Despite all this when we see nature so peaceful and self sufficient to provide us all our essential needs like water,air,different weathers to produce different items to fill our bellies for existence etc, each is different even born in same family, many creatures and human beings we do come to believe that is someone whom we name as God. Come to believe that it is He who determined our destiny related to our actions and also determines our span of life to continue the process of birth and death and to reward us in our rebirth by our actions In conclusion I believe and will say that does exist some unity which we call God we all must believe in Him and as we believe in Him we get inclined to do good actions, love human beings and enjoy our inner and perhaps eternal peace, To believe in God is essential but to believe in destiny determined by God many may have different views but I believe Action determines Destiny and that it follows action even if it exists and some believe in it.