21 December 2019 06:28

GOOD OR BAD LIFE GOES ON. whether to spend in conflicts, jealousies, regrets and in retaliations etc. remains ONE'S CHOICE. Very few realise this fact and succeed while many get involved in all these vices, live their life and some day or other they disappear for ever. At this moment all conflicts, fights etc. and their causes good or bad also disappear. When that is the fact, then why get into all these conflicts and spending the life in unhappiness. Experience and observation show that CONFLICTS OF ANY AND EVERY KIND ARE A DESTRUCTION TO ONESELF, TO ONE'S FAMILY AND ALL AROUND AND WHAT AT THE MOST IT RESULTS IN IS A MOMENTARY GAIN, SUCCESS, RELIEVE ETC while on the contrary to live in peace and happiness by shedding ego, revenge etc. and to BELIEVE AND ACT THAT HAPPINESS IS MY PRIME GOAL AND IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO DISTURB IT, I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO FACE IT AND MOVE ON WITHOUT ANY EFFECT. THUS RESOLVE AND ACTIONS ARE TWO MOST IMPORTANT STEPS WHICH REQUIRE ONE HOW TO REMAIN IN PEACE AND HAPPINESS. tks