GREED 8-6-21..... 10-6-21

10 June 2021 07:33

GREED IS THE 2ND TOPIC I WILL BE ADDRESSING TODAY. Greed is the worst nature of man, hardly and exceptionally few escape from this temptation while all the rest do all good or bad, mostly bad, to fulfill their greed, which is unending and temps a person to indulge in all methods in self interest even if it comes to killing and destroying the intended foe. GREED IS GOOD IF IT IS DIRECTED IN MOTIVATION, STRUGGLE ETC. EVEN IF FOR SELF INTEREST FOR ONE'S BETTERMENT, TO HAVE MORE AND MORE TO ENJOY MORE AND FACILITIES, COMFORTS, LIVING AND WEARING ETC. ETC. ESSENTIALLY IN NO MANNER AFFECTING OTHERS AND IN NO WAY CREATING FOES. WHILE IN GENERAL GREED LEADS TO VICES AND USE OF ALL KINDS OF METHODS TO AMASS EACH AND EVERYTHING ONE WISHES TO HAVE IN ALL CARELESSNESS HOW IT WILL AFFECT OTHERS WHETHER IT IS FAMILY, RELATIONS, OUTSIDERS, IN COMPETITION, IN RIVALRY, IN SHORT ALL WHAT ONE THINKS ONE CAN'T ATTAIN BY NORMAL MEANS AND METHODS. In conclusion all such persons perhaps enjoy all what they wanted, but there is no doubt 1. create more enemies and rare real friends 2. are all the time afraid in self protection from inside and outside 3. mostly create enemies from within and get finished sooner or later 4. blessings and prayers are lost, curses flow more and more bringing prayers and blessings to extinction almost 5. family feuds become quite common, and turn one's old age to hell 6. such examples are many when kings were killed by their own children, by most confidants and trust worthies 7. remains all the time worried not and never to lose what is amassed, doubtlessly it is human nature not to lose by himself or by family members, trustees, while it certainly happens as one starts getting old and is overpowered by same methods and means as he/she employed in his/her youth in general by family members and/or by foes. 8. it is a saying when the corrupt and malicious person was called by GOD and was told he needs to be punished for all crimes he/she had committed with only exception if whole or a part of this punished could be accepted by all or any member of his/her family, ALAS NO ONE CAME FORWARD and instead said that it was his/her sole greed and that they were innocent and do not believe in his/her thinking. GOD THEN TOLD THAT PERSON, HE OR SHE, I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PUNISH YOU FOR ALL THE CRIMES YOU HAVE COMMITTED, THOUGH THESE WERE FOR THE BENEFIT AND/OR ENRICHMENT OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, YOU ALONE HAVE TO BEAR AND FACE ALL THIS PUNISHMENT ALONE BY YOURSELF, IN HOPE THAT YOU WILL CORRECT YOURSELF FOR YOUR THE FUTURE LIFE. conclusion: greed for motivation and struggle, is good and is desirable, to be used to get what one wishes for and desires, by GOOD MEANS WITHOUT AFFECTING OTHERS AND/OR CREATING FOES, and if it is used to fulfill by all means, how much cruel and merciless these are, one may enjoy some comforts therefrom, but it should not be forgotten, that he/she may will suffer sooner or later because of bad habits, by foes, family, relations, trustees and worst of all WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN FEAR, PEACE WILL DISAPPEAR FOR EVER, LIFE WILL TURN INTO SLEEPLESSNESS, WORRIES,AND REGRETS FOR THE PRESENT AND FOR HOW TO FACE THE ALMIGHTY AFTER DEATH. written by founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO 9811943867. 0-6-21 GREED. IF IN LIMIT AND CHECKMATED, IT IS NOT ONLY GOOD BUT THE BEST MOTIVATOR. Alas hardly few can achieve this goal and those who succeed, live comparatively a contented and happier life. In reality greed multiplies and as such makes a person blind to the interests of others and gets self centred and as such induces and encourages such greedy persons to indulge in more and more vices and cruelties. This is a fact and almost everyone knows about it and therefor there are a lot of illustrations and also religious pronouncements. It is a vicious circle when one gets tempted for comforts more than one has, more assets, better status, etc. he/she gets into vicious circles and once advanced in this direction, there is no return. It is in the same manner as a thief when he/she attempts for 1st theft, generally, goes to temple,mosque, church etc. and prays for his/her safety and to get bounty without being caught. And if not caught, and he/she gets the bounty, one gets drunk with the enjoyment of bounty, gets into vicious means of all types to start with in general alone and thereafter in groups, and their enlargement and to work on more and more bounties and all types of means. We observe in greed, such persons get into the houses of old and helpless persons, kill them mercilessly, so that there remains no trace of their act,theft and killing. In conclusions, the more the greed. besides that one lives in fear always in the group and from outside, but sooner or later ends up being killed, caught and jailed, if not killed, ends up his/her life in jail etc. PEACE OF LIFE IS LOST, FAMILY IS FORGOTTEN, FOES ARE CREATED ALL AROUND. ... THUS THE CHOICE IS LEFT TO ONE TO HIMSELF/HERSELF TO LIVE A PEACEFUL LIFE OR TO ENJOY TEMPORARY

COMFORTS. THERE IS HOWEVER NO DOUBT, END OF SUCH PERSONS IS SHORT LIVED AND IN FEAR ALL ALONG. ...I would suggest that greed bridled with limits, is good and if it becomes limitless, it is the worst. Further in life I have observed, if greed howsover it is strong, if it is CONVERTED INTO HEALTHY COMPETITION which means allowing others to come up in competition, helps such persons to work hard and harder to remain abreast and ahead in competition, it is good, as it helps not only others to grow, but such persons grow along as leaders or important as one of them. This phenomenon we find as to how various markets which were residences, have turned into important markets and greed in competition has allowed everyone in that market to work, live better and work harder and harder to remain in and ahead of competition. THAT IS HOW GREED CAN BE TERMED AS MOTIVATION AND PROGRESS.