02 May 2021 02:22

TO REMAIN HAPPY IS NOT ONLY DIFFICULT BUT IMPOSSIBLE MANY WILL SAY SO AND WILL RATHER CONTEND THAT IT IS NOT TRUE ESPECIALLY IN THIS MATERIALIST WORLD. They may be right in their thinking, I am no one to dispute their view but I feel it is essential to convey what I feel and think that my views could be beneficial to a few if not many, especially those who are distressed, fed up with life. In such a situation, many go to the place of worship, confess there and apologise for their mistakes and thus get relieved and as such invigorate their energy to struggle in life and face off all odds howsoever terrible these may be. MY ADVICE WILL BE JUST TRY THE RECIPICE SUGGESTED AND IF YOU ARE CONVINCED AND REMAIN CONSISTENT TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS, YOU WILL SURELY SUCCEED AS YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED IN OTHER SPHERES OF YOUR LIFE. METHOD: (1) be conscious ANGER IS FIRE, it will burn your body and take it to unrecoverable stage (b) JEALOUSIES AND VINDICTIVENESS BRING DESTRUCTION, then why to develop these (3) REALISATION THAT HAPPINESS energises body and as such ENSURES PROGRESS while worries, distress bring in harm to body leading to loneliness and illness at large (4) PISITIVENESS leads to ANSWERS while NEGATIVITY leads to inaction resulting in failures and ultimate belief that what is the use of this life and what for (5) likewise there are many reasons etc. Hence the ANSWER LIES IN (1) jot down all those factors which hinder happiness (2) priorities these in the manner that the difficult are taken to the last while easiest ones be left the 1st to start with and measure success, it is in the manner as one wants to get to the roof, 1st steps are easy to climb, as one strives to go up, harder and harder it will become BUT AS ONE HAS DECIDED TO REACH THE ROOF TOP, one may perhaps take some pauses and rest for while, but will reach to the top AS HE/SHE HAS DECIDED TO REACH THE TOP FOR THE REASON WHATSOEVER HE/SHE HAS THOUGHT OF. (3) THUS ONE MUST REMAIN CONSISTENT and measure every day the success made to overcome the disturbing moments, vices etc. (4) each success will strengthen one's faith in oneself to reach the GOAL OF HAPPINESS and take one to turn positive, believe in that each problem has its answers, analyse the problem and its causes and hereafter concentrate on discerning best out of the various options deliberated on (5) VOW TO REACH THE END WHICH IS HAPPINESS, convinced and practiced in multiple success so far, supported by positive thinking, CONVICTION THAT I AM CAPABLE TO ACHIEVE AND HAVE AS SUCH THE NECESSARY POTENTIAL AND WISDOM, one will surely reach the end called HAPPINESS. For more refer to my write-up on HAPPINESS. comments