23 November 2020 05:04

TO CREATE AND DEVELOP HARMONY AND LOVE AMONGST CHILDREN IS THE 2ND MOST IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS THOUGH ALL THE TIME BUT IT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN OLD AGE WHICH HELPS THE OLD PARENTS TO LIVE HAPPY AND ENJOY WITH THE FEELING THAT THEY HAVE FULFILLED THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AND ARE HAPPY TO SEE THEIR CHILDREN LIVING IN HARMONY AND HELPFUL TO EACH OTHER. Let one not forget that distribution of assets is the 1st and most important responsibility compared to endeavour for harmony which I think is the 2nd priority; HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER TO BRING ABOUT HARMONY AMONGST CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE GROWN UP, MARRIED OR UNTOMARRIED. Despite all odds when the distribution of assets is done, it will generally leave some unhappiness and create if not hate, at least bad relationship amongst the happy and unhappy children. TO SURMOUNT SUCH A SITUATION, I think,(1) the parents must find time, meet the unhappy one(s), listen to him/her/them, explain and try to mend if some aspirations/demands were overlooked or ignored, and explain to them THAT UNITY IS THE STRENGTH WHILE FIGHTS, ILL-WILLS, CUT OFF RELATIONS DO RESULT IN DOWNFALL OF THE FAMILY IN REPUTATION AND IN WEALTH ALSO SOME TIME, IF RESENTMENT IS TAKEN TO EXTREME. (2) invite the children to vacations at resorts or to any place of their choice and if not, by the decision of the parents, be gracious to foot the bill, take them to outings, sightseeing, bring out and narrate to them their achievements and failures to make the children realise how hard the parents had to work to bring them up and build up this glorious family CAUTION: if parents can't afford, they may arrange a get together or a small party, as they can afford, the purpose being that the children are made to sit and talk to each other and enjoy their company amongst themselves and with or perhaps for the sake of the parents. There could be so many other ways as well but MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT PARENTS MUST ENDEAVOUR, EXPLAIN, MEND AND ENGAGE IN RELENTLESS EFFORT TO BRING ABOUT HARMONY AND LOVE AMONGST THEIR CHILDREN. when achieved, it will be most enjoyable success of the parents and happiness of the parents in old age, if not earlier. THE MAIN PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE OF PARENTS IS TO TAKE INITIATIVES AS QUICKLY AND AS MANY TIMES AS THEY CAN AFFORD AND/OR FEEL NECESSARY TO MAKE CHILDREN MEET TO BRING HARMONY AMONGST THEM tks