20 October 2020 08:39

HEALTH IS VERY IMPORTANT AT EVERY STAGE OF LIFE but it gets neglected at younger age for studies, work, betterment of prospects, personal ego and esteem BUT IN OLD AGE HEALTH BECOMES VERY IMPORTANT as body starts giving away, weaknesses and diseases crop in, wealth plays an essential part but it does not remain that important as the health. Further it is said HEALTH IS WEALTH. If one is healthy, one will have strength to struggle, put in longer hours than others, possibly will remain motivated and ambitious, will have better and patient behaviour than the ones who are ill, weak in health who generally will feel irritated even on small things, will lack incentive and even feel not to work and concentrate. IN SHORT HEALTH IS WEALTH, IT IS NECESSARY AT ALL STAGES: AMBITIONS, HARD WORK, PROGRESS TAKE PRIORITY ON HEALTH BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT HEALTH IS TO BE NEGLECTED, ONE NEEDS ESSENTIALLY TO FIND TIME TO EXERCISE, EAT WHAT IS GOOD FOR HEALTH, NOT TO GO FAT AND BULKY WHILE IN OLD AGE, HEALTH TAKES PRIORITY OVER WEALTH AND CRAZE FOR WEALTH, PROGRESS AND PROMINENCE GETS INSIGNIFICANT. ... FURTHER IT ALSO NEED NOT BE FORGOTTEN THAT WE REALISE THE VALUE AND IMPORTANCE OF EACH AND EVERYTHING WHEN WE LOSE THAT. HENCE TAKING CARE OF HEALTH IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT AT ALL STAGES. It is encouraging that the younger generation understands this truth and is mostly taking to some exercise or the other. TKS