05 June 2021 12:35

WITH REGARD TO HEART AND BRAIN, AS ASKED FOR IN NAMASTE, IF BOTH GO HAND IN HAND TOGETHER, THAT WILL BE THE BEST FOR ALL OF US TO LIVE IN PEACE AND HAPPINESS. ALAS IN this materialistic age, BRAIN HAS BECOME SUPREME and HEART HAS PRACTICALLY BEEN OVERPOWERED OR HAS GIVEN AWAY TO BRAIN TO DO WHAT IT WANTS AND CLAMOURS FOR, WITH NO INTERFERENCE OR THE LEAST. (1) HEART cumulates the the sentiments, feelings, vision, AND IN SEARCH OF FULL PEACE, wants to CONTROL THE BRAIN WHICH CHALLENGES IT AND LOVES TO COMMAND INSTEAD. (2) BRAIN in the company of what we see, feel, experience, aspire, and want to achieve as a mark of success and inventions, has driven us FAR AWAY FROM THE HEART AND HAS SHIFTED US TO DO EVERYTHING TO GRAB ALL ALONE in the name of prosperity, enjoyment and progress. WE ALL REALISE THAT BRAIN IS THE CAUSE OF TROUBLES OF ALL WE ARE SUFFERING FROM, but unfortunately cannot do anything under the LUST OF MONEY, POWER AND PROMINENCE. Regret I cannot do much except to pray and preach that being social beings, we learn to live in PEACE AND LOVE is essential and it is essential also to learn that we do all we can to live our life calmly, quietly and enjoy the eternal peace. I TRY AND HAVE TRIED and realise that material progress is essential at certain age but it is also equally important to balance the brain and heart at the same time to enjoy our life and set moral for the children. comments