17 February 2021 01:17

HELPLESSNESS. As you all know, it comes with birth and vanishes with end of life. In between it needs to be explained as to how this HELPLESSNESS moves on in life. Soon after birth, child's helplessness is taken care mostly by mother, time to time aided and supported by father After some time, as the STRENGTH starts developing and growing, helplessness starts diminishing. In childhood, besides studies, play etc. children still remain helplessness and remain in wanting of their upbringing and meeting their pocket expenses etc. etc and in return turn to render help to their parents, as they continue growing in age and as such develping their strength. It is thus in youth and that is the only passage of life when helpleness totally vanishes and is completely overpowered by strength Nonetheless there does arise the need for division of work and power, as such helplessness which crops up due to more and more responsibilities etc. gets shared by wife, children, friends, relations, it gets shared and reduced. Helplessness also gets crreated or gets developed if one is affected by diseases, accidents, loneliness etc. and is washed away when one gets to normal in strength and in spirits. Besides these foregoing causes, so long as one remains worriless and is also is being helped in sharing responsibilities, but soon as one finds oneself ALONE and DISTURBED, due to divorce, fights in family etc. helplessness again crops us until and unless some solutions are found. Alas as Old Age creeps in, strength gets reducing and/or makes one incapacitated, HELPLESSNESS again takes over and this struggle between strength and helplessness continues and alas at the end it is HELPLESSNESS which wins over the strength, and vanishes only when life comes to an end. Conclusion: HELPLESSNESS IS THE START AND THE END AS WELL, EXCEPT IN YOUTH WHEN STRENGTH IS COMPLETE WITH EMOTIONS, DREAMS, RESPONSIBILITIES WHICH GIVES CHANCE TO EVERYONE TO LIVE AS BEST AS ONE CAN, IN JOY AND HAPPINESS, TO THE EXTENT ONE CAN PROGRESS AND TO THE EXTENT ONE CAN KEEP ONESELF WORRILESS. Essential it is therefore, do your best not to allow helplessness to gain and if ever it dares, tries to overpower you, do employ all means and wits not to allow helplessness to win over you at all and it is only in this way and in this manner that you will be able to live life fruitfully and happily. ------------------------------------------ written by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau, NGO .. to contact vasdevloond 9811943867