07 March 2023 05:27

HOLI FESTIVAL AND VALENTINE DAY THERE IS A BIG CONTRAST BETWEEN THE TWO: 1. valentine day is a festival of youngsters while holi is the festival of all, young, old and by everyone 2. valentine is the night festival while holi is the day festival. 3. holi is colourful to greet each and everyone known and unknow while valentine is celebrated by youngers, mostly by lovers and singals. 4. hooliganism and misuse of both festivals is done by all means and as such security is tightened, hardly anywhere on holi day while on valentine day. strict police patrolling is done almost everywhere. 5. hard and soft drinks are used in both festivals to enjoy and amuse. 6. many, especially the youngsters who are restricted by parents take liberty to enjoy both the festivals in full freedom, whether permitted by parents or not. 7. both the festivals are slightly misused to make fun and enjoy freedom and liberty. 8. holi is the festival of colours to meet, forget the onslaught of winter, enjoy the summer mostly outside in contrast to the winter when each one does one’s best to cover oneself against the cold and be inside most of the time. FOR HOLI WHICH IS TO BE CELEBRATED TOMORROW ON 8TH MARCH MY WISH AND REQUEST TO ALL WILL BE; -please use this festival to meet all friends, relations, acquaintances and the foes, if one can shun one’s ego. -never never use hard colours neither by puchkaris nor by hands, nor try to throw mud etc. as these are most harmful and are annoying rather than relishing contacts, meets, amusement and enjoyment. PLEASE BE GENTLE, REMAIN GENTLE, POLITE, KIND AND CELEBRATE HOLI IN NOT ONLY IN FORGIVENESS, BUT IN FULL LOVE AND JOY. Wish you all happy and joyous holi, by vasdevloond