24 April 2021 12:39

HONEST: who could in real sense be an HONEST PERSON, I think hardly someone and if so,very few. WHY TO SAY SO.I feel each person gets influenced in some manner or the other and feels compelled to breach honesty in true sense. Then what is the CRITERIA TO CLAIM THAT ONE IS HONEST IN THE REAL SENSE; ANSWER; I THINK WHEN ONE'S CONSCIENCE SPEAKS OUT THAT WHAT ONE IS DOING IS RIGHT AND IS NOT BEING INFLUENCED BY ANY INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL INTEREST, NEITHER BY EMOTIONAL ONES, NOR FOR POSITION, NOR FOR REPUTATION, NOR FOR FAVOUR TO ONESELF OR SOME KNOWN OR RECOMMENDED ONE EVEN NOT FOR DEAR FRIENDS, RELATIONS AND EVEN THE FAMILY. One may perhaps be able to get over all but I do not think, one will stick to be honest and do the justice when when one's sibling commits grave crime, while in business, daily dealings, work positions, to get the needful done and in short for all which are considered to be profitable and/or presumed to give some gain are taken as normal routines and are considered as honest actions. We may remain and perform within the ambit of law but in real sense, if we search our conscience, we will certainly feel that we are doing something which morally and socially is not correct but we take it as natural and feel satisfied that we are doing what the law permits. THUS IN SHORT, ONE IN GENERAL LIFE, ONE IS CONSIDERED AS AN HONEST PERSON WHO IS HONEST IN MANNERS, ATTITUDES, BEHAVIOUR, DOESN'T HARM ANYONE But I think a real Honest Person will be one who does what is right as per one's conscience and is not influenced by any self-interest which is rare as we all are human beings and are bound by some interest or the other. tks