03 October 2020 06:40

HONESTY NOT REWARDED IS THOUGH PEACE OF MIND, BUT I THINK IT DOES LEAVE LOT OF REGRETS WHEN ONE FINDS HIMSELF/HERSELF LIVING IN A POOR STATE OF AFFAIRS, ESPECIALLY IN THIS MATERIALIST WORLD. I was reading the news about CJI Mishra and CJI Gagoi who handle cases of billionaires and have the possibility to get influenced so that after retirement they can live a comfortable life as they have been living in their career, soon after retirement they find themselves nowhere. Such persons who have laudable career and have been holding high positions including Secretaries in government departments, CMs even if they are charged, they have been public servants, must be provided comfortable way of living. I AM SURE SUCH A THINKING AND TO PROVIDE COMFORTABLE LIVING AS PER EACH ONE'S STATUS, IS ESSENTIAL AND WILL GO A LONG WAY TO ENABLE SUCH PERSONS TO DO ALL THEY DO WILL BE DEVOTED FOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY AS THEY WILL NOT BE WORRIED FOR THEIR LIFE AFTER RETIREMENT. comments