16 December 2020 06:14

HOW DOES THE SYSTEM OF MARRIAGE GUIDANCE NEW CONCEPT WORKS. answer: it is very simple. When the concerned customer receives biodatas of matches, he/she is to click at the biodata and thereafter the entire biodata will open. 2. this will enable to see all information like photo, family status, the boy or girl vice versa full details of academic, professional, income, experience, place of work, residence owned or rented, community, caste, manglik or not, janampatri required or not, all this information is provided to enable the concerned person to decide whether he/she approves the biodata or not. 3. for approval or disapproval, at the end of the biodata are provided two buttons to click at about his/her choice of approved or disapproved and if disapproved, one can give reasons for disapproval. 4. approved or disapproved information after it is clicked at either of the buttons, reaches the other party as also the MGNC mail box. If approved, the other party is contacted by MGNC staff to know whether this 2nd party is approving or disapproving the choice of the 1st party and as such the 2nd party clicks at the approved or disapproved click buttons provided in the biodata and if conveyed by mail or on phone, then MGNC staff operates on his/her behalf to put to approved or disapproved as intimated by the 2nd party. 5. it is ensured in the programme, that in biodata all information is provided EXCEPT INFORMATION ABOUT CONTACTS IN ORDER TO AVOID ANY MISUSE. 2. if both the parties approve, MGNC staff arranges meeting of both parties and their families at its office. 3. how meeting is conducted will be explained in the next write up. tks vasdevloond 981943867 MGNC IS KNOWN FOR ITS EFFICIENCY, PROVIDING THE BEST POSSIBLE BIODATAS AS PER DESIRES OF THE CLIENTS, THERE IS COMPLAINT SYSTEM, AND ALSO THERE IS REMINDER SYSTEM AND AS SUCH THE CLIENT IS INFORMED AND/OR IS SENT THE BIODATAS RECEIVED DURING THAT MONTH ETC. IT ALSO DOES COUNSELLING FOR THOSE WHO FEEL INTERESTED. MGNC IS TOTALLY COST FREE AND EVEN GIFTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. tks