18 January 2020 01:30

HOW BOSS IS TO DEAL WITH AN EMPLOYEE WHO COMES LATE DAILY? 2nd step: 1. must study his/her reports 2. must observe daily when he/she comes to office 3. observe when he/she comes, does he/she concentrate on work or engages in meeting colleagues, chatting and disturbing them 4.does he/shes goes late to finish up his/her entrusted work 5. boss needs to call the person coming late daily only when he/she is fully prepared with the information and background of such person and also ensure that he/she is free and comfortably composed with no disturbance from telephone etc. and even from the boss perhaps having informed his/her senior boss in advance 6. hereafter calls the person who comes late quite some time after he/she is fully settled in seat and/or is relaxed. 7. when the later comer comes to his/her office, she must ask what the later comer would like to take and accordingly ask same to be served, practically same for both.8. serve the late comer with drink- tea, soft-drink etc as has been received as per order given, make him/her at ease 9. hereafter in light versions talk something off the record on some general topic. 10. thereafter ask the late comer how it is that he/comes late daily, is he/she not suffering from some illness, is everything at home well, does he/she sleep late, why so, is he/she doing some overtime/studies or relaxing late in the evening with friends, and/or engages him/herself in work in the morning etc. with the fullest intention to keep the late comer at ease and manage to get as much information as he/she thinks will help him/her to deal and perhaps correct the later comer's habits and behaviour 10. the boss must ask casually whether the union work also interests him/her and if not why, and if yes, why so, due to not having been given promotion, not being recognised for his/her work or for some other reason. 11. After having heard, must engage in to advise as to how he/she could help him/her provided he/she manages to come in time maybe gradually and shows intended progress. 12. if it so happens the late comer starts coming in time and gives good performance, the boss must ensure that he/she stands to commitment. 13. the boss must remember that such persons who do not bother for anyone nor even disciplinary action being taken, are comparatively more intelligent, feel victimised and/or are in trade union activities etc. etc.. 14. The boss must remember that such late comers who come late and are not afraid of being thrown out of job, will definitely be having grudges against the management, or are extra efficient to finish their work in shorter time or manage through their colleagues his/her work to be attended during his/her absence. 15 it will be extremely difficult to punish or throw such persons out of job, HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ENCOURAGE AND MOTIVATE THE PERSON, MAKE NECESSARY COMMITMENT AND ENSURE THAT COMMITMENT IS HONORED AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, ENSURE THAT THE LATE COMER IS CALLED DAILY TO APPRISE HIM/HER OF HIS/PERFORMANCE, GUIDE WHAT IS TO BE DONE, APPRECIATE HIM, RATHER PAT HIM/HER TO ENCOURAGE. I do feel, if such measures and the like are taken, the late comer will change his/her habits and will perform much better than his/her colleagues, as I feel, the employee who dares to dictate his/her terms is quite intelligent, fast performer and has definitely some extra qualities. tks