06 February 2022 02:58

HOW TO AVOID STRAINS IN OLD AGE: (1) most important is to keep busy (2) how, many will pose this question (3) answer lies in WHAT YOU HAVE ACQUIRED IN LIFE (a) experience (b) writings (c) communication skills (4) vocation (5) human relationships etc. etc. (6) action: WORK ON WHAT INTERESTS YOU, if you had been a teacher, go in for sometime to give free coaching to the needy and/or neighbourhood students, if writing interests, you start writing on various subjects on facebook and/or other media, express your experience and views about the life you have spent, what experiences you deduced and what would you like to convey to the public to gain from your experience and vision, if interested in politics, be abreast with the present day topics, and start writing and engage in discussions etc., if there are family feuds, take courage to come forward and do the best to heal up their relationship and if some problems are the cause of their conflicts, listen to each and do the best to understand and suggest answers, etc. etc. THE ANSWER LIES IN THE FACT THAT YOU KEEP YOURSELF BUSY AS BEST AS YOU CAN AND KEEP IT ALSO AS A MISSION TO LET THE SOCIETY GAIN OUT OF YOUR EXPERIENCE, VISION AND ANSWERS. tks Marriage Guidance-New Concept