11 March 2020 06:32

TO BE A PERFECT MAN OR BE CATEGORISED AS A PERFECT PERSON....... CONCLUSION; It is practically impossible for a normal person to be PERFECT but if one makes effort, one will surely be near the goal, maybe one may achieve it. It is said that PERFECT PERSONS like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Budha etc. were GODs Messéngers to correct the human beings on this earth and guide them how to live in harmony with others and to let the world move smoothly. No one is without faults even some time we do crticise our LORDS, but THEY had immense qualities and had largesse at heart and in action, the petty defects or mistakes presumed to be committed by THEM, we ignore these. Likewise one may not be perfect, but if one pursues the path (a) to keep one off or away from the so-called vices (b) to bring MINE and THINE to the minimum (c) turn out to be JUSTICE GIVER irrespective of personal interests of all forms and in any manner (d) does not crave for prominence, position, amassing wealth etc. etc. (e) listens and is prepared to heal up the miseries of the sufferers (f) believes and does all actions as a MISSION irrespective of inconvenience and sufferences of oneself for the sake of others (g) remains at peace, happy and jubilant at each and every moment in all circumstances, shall generally be able to give HAPPINESS AND LOVE TO OTHERS. The we may not remain in deception that we cannot and can never be PERFECT or be CATEGORISED PERFECT, WE MUST DO WHAT IT IS IN OUR MIGHT, PERCEPTION AND WISH TO RENDER GOOD TO THE PEOPLE, OUR THINKING AND ACTIONS WILL ENSURE TO KEEP AT PEACE WITH OURSELVES AND ONCE WE ARE AT PEACE, IF WE WISH FOR, WE SHALL BE ABLE TO DO GOOD TO OTHERS, WE WILL DERIVE SATISFACTION, FEEL TO BE ACHIEVER AND SUCCESSFUL, ALL INFORMATION OF PRAISE, LOVE, GATHERINGS, CONGREGATION ETC. WILL TURN OUT TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES THAT WE IF ARE NOT PERFECT, WE ARE SOMEONE WHO CARES AND DO EVERYTHING TO RELIEVE THE SUFFERERS FROM THEIR MISERIES. Believe me, if one is not taken as a perfect man, one will at least be seen at present and remembered in the future as a GENTLE AND BENEVOLENT PERSON, if this happens, what else one wishes for, I think nothing. as one will turn out to be an EXCEPTION WHO SHALL REMAIN AT PEACE, HAPPY TO HIMSELF AND WILL BE LOVING OTHERS ALL THE TIME. TKS