HOW TO BE PERFECT MAN.. 3rd step 27-2-20

27 February 2020 05:44

HOW TO BE A PERFECT MAN. 3rd step etc. GOOD, LOVED AND APPRECIABLE THOUGHTS. 4: PERCEPTION, VISION AND GUIDE: It is essential that the person who wishes and/or is keen to transform oneself to be a perfect man, must love all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, gender, belief, religion etc and is ready to make all sacrifices to pronounce and spread his/her thoughts, perception, vision and be a guide to all those who do not believe or are bewildered in problems/worries with no answer at their end. Thoughts, perception, vision and then to turn to be the GUIDE, need first, one to believe in those, practice to observe advantages and disadvantages as one comes across and to suggest answers to the woes of the sufferers and aggrieved, take a lead, push his/her thoughts, vision, perception and solutions in meetings, assemblies, writings, media etc. etc. and most important by holding daily or at pre-determined timings and days to be present to listen to the sufferers and needy ones, offer to them solutions and solace by practical answers rather than just by preaching, to reconcile them to their past karma and destiny, and instead I think OFFER THEM PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS AND MOTIVATE THEM INTO ACTION IN BELIEF AND ACTION THAT HE/SHE IS THE MASTER OF HIMSELF/HERSELF AND ALSO OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES EXPECTED AS ALSO UNEXPECTED. I believe the more one will offer practical solutions and demonstrate him/herself by his/her actions and daily life will go a long way to help the needy and the public at large, AND WILL ALSO DEVELOP CONFIDENCE IN THE PERSON WHO WISHES TO BE A PERFECT MAN, AS ALSO TO REMAIN HAPPY IN ALL SITUATIONS...tks