16 January 2020 07:47

HOW TO DEAL AS A BOSS WITH AN EMPLOYEE WHO COMES LATE DAILY AND HAS BEEN TOLERATED BY THE PREVIOUS BOSS. Answer. 1. priority should given to see the work involved and what responsibilities have been entrusted to you. 2. introduce yourself to all those who will be working under you including the one who comes late 3. do not criticise anyone in his/her narration of his/her job, for or against any colleague, instead concentrate to listen and when he leaves. do ensure to keep small note of the talk/conversation 4. observe the behaviour of each and see their confidential reports and form your views as to who could turn out to be dependable, who will be doing routine job and who seem to be difficult to handle 5. be fully conscious of seniority and manage not to rule out seniority, giving him or her routine job as if nothing has changed, and give additional jobs to those found to be efficient and capable 6. take care not to talk against any employee to another one 7. once you have established your authority and the staff working you has also accepted your capabilities and recognised you as a boss, owning full responsibility of the department and also defending your staff vis-a-vis your boss and owning total responsibility yourself without getting any rebuke to any of your employee, thereafter you should look to those jobs you have categorised as difficult, prioritise these, and take up to handle these one by one, taking up the most difficult at the last. Thus to deal with the person who comes late daily, should be handled at the last, but essential that such a person is called to hear from him/her as to what are his/her compulsions to come late, try to make him/her friendly and leave him/her to come late as usual. TO ELABORATE FURTHER, I SHALL BE COVERING IN MY NEXT WRITING. tks