18 January 2021 07:27

HOW TO DEAL WITH A PERSON WHO DOES NOT OBEY ORDERS, CRITICISES BOSSES, TRIES TO VITIATE ATMOSPHERE. Answer. I think such a person must be called, listen to his/her grievances, analyse the genuineness, guide him/her and do your best to persuade him/her to obey the boss and the orders 2. if despite this 1st action, he/she persists in his/her behaviour and action, then chargesheet becomes necessary which serves as a warning of the consequences. 3. if still he/she persists and possibly vitiates the atmosphere, obstructs the working, 2nd and 3rd warnings are served. 4. if he/she still persists, decision needs to be taken to shunt him/her out of the organisation and as such final warning for termination is given 5. he/she is given a chance to explain and his/her reports as also views of the boss and his/her progress report need to be analysed and decision needs to be taken to shift him/her to some other section and/or service order of termination. 6. lastly I think he/she must be ordered to sit near the office of the ordering boss,without any work, just to sit and is not allowed to talk to anyone, I think he/she will feel suffocated and also feels condemned as no passerby is talking to him/her and instead they are gazing at him/her as a culprit which becomes unbearable to the person concerned being punished, it is thus possible that the person concerned may resign himself/herself 7. if despite this last chance, no improvement is observed, then it is essential that the person concerned is terminated. 8. it is possible that at the time of issuing orders for termination,the ordering boss may feel that the person concerned may engage in fight with him/her outside, harm him in some way or the other, I am of the view that in such a situation,the ordering boss must not care for such happenings, must concentrate to execute the rules of the organisation and its discipline. THUS CHANCE MUST BE GIVEN. ALL EFFORTS ARE MADE TO CORRECT THE PERSON CONCERNED AND AT LAST THE PERSON CONCERNED MUST BE TERMINATED WITHOUT FEAR OF THE CONSEQUENCES. TKS   HOW BOSS IS TO DEAL WITH AN EMPLOYEE WHO COMES LATE DAILY? 2nd step: 1. must study his/her reports 2. must observe daily when he/she comes to office 3. observe when he/she comes, does he/she concentrate on work or engages in meeting colleagues, chatting and disturbing them 4.does he/shes goes late to finish up his/her entrusted work 5. boss needs to call the person coming late daily only when he/she is fully prepared with the information and background of such person and also ensure that he/she is free and comfortably composed with no disturbance from telephone etc. and even from the boss perhaps having informed his/her senior boss in advance 6. hereafter calls the person who comes late quite some time after he/she is fully settled in seat and/or is relaxed. 7. when the later comer comes to his/her office, she must ask what the later comer would like to take and accordingly ask same to be served, practically same for both.8. serve the late comer with drink- tea, soft-drink etc as has been received as per order given, make him/her at ease 9. hereafter in light versions talk something off the record on some general topic. 10. thereafter ask the late comer how it is that he/comes late daily, is he/she not suffering from some illness, is everything at home well, does he/she sleep late, why so, is he/she doing some overtime/studies or relaxing late in the evening with friends, and/or engages him/herself in work in the morning etc.