19 May 2022 10:41

HOW TO DEAL WITH CRITICS, NOT AGREEING TO ONE’S VIEWS 19-5-22 Those who criticise, at time are being tried under sedition law, whether it is justified or not, tussles go on by all means between the affected person, police and the courts, amendment of law is pending wit courts to take final decision. Critics have the right constitutionally and otherwise, as one wants to express his/her views good or bad, for betterment or prejudicial or even destructive ones. What happens if the critic is not listened or not properly handled, mostly such persons become adamant, use all of means from accusing, abusing, agitation and even revolt as well. Now the question arises whether to leave the critics to behave in the manner they want and/or as they think and decide to do. In reply and in logic, what does one lose if one listens to what the critic wants to say, what are his/her viewpoints, perhaps in goodness and in faithfulness as also perhaps in loyalty as well, what is the harm and what one loses, in answer, perhaps ego, prejudice, to blackmail, to discourage and even to destroy by all means, which is neither correct nor justified, on two basis 1. What one shall lose by listening 2. Possible by explaining, listening and by personal contact and meet, one’s attitude may get diluted and his/her behaviour may change. Such situations happen in families, in businesses, in management, in politics and almost everywhere. In families, conflicts get so aggravated that they turn enemies, accuse and abuse by all means and in all manners and even drag each other to courts etc. In businesses, such behaviours, lead to forming unions, joining unions, talk all against the owners and management and finally take to agitations and strikes. Finally what happens, law comes into being, work suffers and even when the strike gets over, relations remain estranged and in revenge. Same happens in management and in politics as well, and in revolt, at times, even regimes are compelled to change In other words, expression from the critic is better to be listened, understood, explained which has all possibilities for reconciliation than resorting to agitation, revolts etc. and that such a situation may not happen, it is prudent to assess the pros and cons, remain flexible and be ready to accept on principle of give and take and as such avoid the worst to happen. IN CONCLUSION; I WOULD SAY PLEASE TRY ALL MEANS TO LISTEN TO THE CRITICS THAN AVOIDING THEM, THREATENING OF DIRE CONSEQUENCES, USE LEGAL AND/OR ILLEGAL MEANS. HENCE DIALOGUE REMAINS THE BEST ANSWER TO DISSUADE, COMPROMISE AND AS SUCH TO REACH AN AGREEMENT. ------------------------------------------- expressed by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, to contact vasdevloond at 9811943867 www.facebook:vasdevloond