18 July 2019 10:17

HOW TO FACE A STUBBORN PERSON. It is very difficult as he/she is like a hard nut to crack, but when one strikes hard, it breaks. Same could be the case with a stubborn person. To deal with such a person, it is essential to know why he/she is like that and what are his/her weaknesses. Principally such a person feels that whatever he/she says/does is right and is unquestionable. His/her requirement is that there is no CONTRADICTION. Hence it is important to associate with such a person and decide to appreciate whatever he/she says or does, despite the fact that it was not right. This method and action of patiently listening, giving company for some time daily, will force the person to reflect that all what I say, he/she does not question and instead appreciates, why it is so?. Howsoever stubborn the person may be, sooner or later, he/she will reflect and put question to him/her why it is so even whatever I do or say I myself feel that it is no good, still the other person appreciates it or does not contradict. Hence there must be some reason and that I must ask why he/she behaves like that. The moment he/she poses such a question, then the other finds the opportunity to explain patiently that I do not want to annoy you out of respect and also that you have have many extra-ordinary qualities,so let me concentrate on those and avoid your behaviour of stubbornness, if I want to be benefited by your advice and knowledge. Hereafter, I believe, the stubborn person will like to appreciate and love the other person for his/her patience, keenness to get me rid of this evil. THE MOMENT SUCH A SELF-REALISATION COMES IN, THE PERSON WILL DEFINITELY BE CAREFUL ABOUT HIS/HER ACTION AND/OR SAYING. lesson..... NEVER OFFEND THE STUBBORN PERSON, BE CALM AND PATIENT, BE GOOD LISTENER AND DO WHAT AND IN THE MANNER THE STUBBORN PERSON WISHES, REMAIN COMMITTED TO YOUR GOAL THAT YOU HAVE TO CORRECT THE STUBBORN PERSON AS IT NO GOOD FOR HIS/HER FAMILY, NOR FOR COLLEAGUES, NOR HIM/HERSELF AS NO ONE WILL DARE TO COME NEAR TO HIM/HER, EXCEPT UNDER COMPULSION FOR A FEW SECONDS. tks