30 December 2019 05:29

HOW TO MAKE LIFE A HAPPIER ONE. 1most important is to have enough means and resources to live and enjoy. 2 success in life to achieve one's aims and objects 3 to lead a successful married life in family 4 to be surrounded by well wishers and to have a good company ,5 to be satisfied at work and getting successive promotions 6 to be admired in work amongst colleagues, bosses in discussions, observations, performance etc etc 6 to put in least efforts and have best results 7 to have healthy , energetic and motivated life 8 to possess and be conscious of extra superior qualities ,9 to have congenial and inspiring environments 10 to have practically no conflicts 11 2nd most important is to develop an attitude to remain happy I THINK IF ONE AIMS AT AND WORKS HARD ONE CAN SURELY LEAD A HAPPIER LIFE tks