19 November 2021 01:00

HOW TO REMAIN HAPPY AND HEALTHY? we keep in front the image of GOD, our parents or Guru(s) we believe in. I think the easiest way is to KEEP YOUR SOUL IN FRONT OF YOU, SEE AND CHECK IT EVERY DAY AS TO HOW IT IS SHAPING. If you feel your soul seems to be in good shape and seems to be flourishing, BE SURE THAT YOUR THINKING AND ACTIONS ARE GOOD, CONTINUE WITH THOSE and if you feel that YOUR SOUL IS STRESSED AND IS SQUEEZING, become conscious of this fact as the MORE THE SOUL WILL GET SQUEEZING, YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS WILL START GETTING DETERIORATED. It is in the same manner as we SEE OUR FACE IN THE MIRROR, and realise whether I am looking happy or stressed. NOW INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT THE MIRROR, LEARN TO LOOK AT THE SOUL, I assure you, YOU will turn out to be a HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER PERSON, WILL BE LIKED AND LOVED BY ALL AROUND. tks