I LOVE YOU 10-2-21

10 February 2021 02:58

I LOVE YOU: I think is customary without any meaning or significance.Then question arises, should one say I love you or not. I am of the view it is better to say than not to say Saying does ive some feeling and perhaps after some time realisation to get into real behaviour and action, which could be by self realisation or by the wife/friend to provoke and get out the truth to appear and get into action. Further question arises, as we say good morning soon as we wake up , should one say I love you every day and every morning. It is a ticklish question as any and every routine gets into insignificance. Hene I love you must be supported at times by emotions, by outings, going to eateries,night clubs etc supplemented by flowers, gifts etc, precious on special occasions and tiny and needy as and when thought of and found a gloomy mood in the wife/girl friend. Most important of all, I think, lies in the BEHAVIOUR, SINCERITY UNDERSTANDING AND COMMITMENT OF THE HUSBAND while I love you and giving gifts here and there are insignificant or bear no meaning.. commens