01 July 2021 03:21

INTELLIGENCE IS NO GOOD IF NOT DEVELOPED INTO WISDOM which develops when one faces many problems and gives answers to those, the more the ticklish and taxing situations are tackled, the more wisdom develops and encourages to take decisions concerning small and big situations. Soon after wisdom is achieved, VISION IS IMPORTANT, which many fail to develop as it involves elaborate studies of how the situations are shaping up in the neighbourhood, in the country and in the world. Vision involves predictions, those who do not get abreast with the day-to-day situations and instead work on whims, also succeed but rarely while those who remain uptodate with the situations and anticipate what is going to happen tomorrow, in the future, get benefited enormously. HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THOSE WHO ARE INTELLIGENT DO STRUGGLE TO DEVELOP VISION, FEW SUCCEED WHILE MANY REMAIN UP TO WISDOM ONLY. MY ADVICE TO THOSE WHO THINK AND HAVE WORKED OUT IN THEIR CAREER THAT THEY ARE INTELLIGENT, THEY MUST TRY TO DEVELOP VISION, TO ENRICH THEMSELVES AS ALSO HELP OTHERS IN AVOIDING ODD SITUATIONS. TKS