01 August 2019 04:22

intelligence is about learning, understanding and how logically to address various situations.How it is to be used depends on each individual. God has given us two gifts brain and mind. Brain generally runs after materialism and personal gains while mind directs towards doing good deeds and do service to others as best as one can, which in short means giving, while brain directs towards snatching and usurping. Some people argue that as per our destiny we are to behave and act in that manner and that one is just an actor. I BELIEVE ONCE GOD HAS GIVEN US ABOVE-SAID GIFTS, IT IS WE WHO ARE TO DETERMINE AS TO HOW TO USE THESE AND AS WE ACT, OUR DESTINY IS WRITTEN IN THAT MANNER. AS SUCH I BELIEVE '" SERVICE TO MANKIND"" IS THE BEST AS THAT WAY YOU HELP EVERYONE AND NEVER EVER THINK OF PERSONAL GAIN AT THE COST OF OTHERS NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT FUTURE BUT INTELLIGENCE USED FOR "SERVICE TO MANKIND"" KEEPS ONE CONTENTED IN THE PRESENT AND BE IN HOPE FOR THE BETTER IN THE FUTURE.