12 March 2021 02:56

INTELLIGENT WE ARE OR NOT, WE BOAST AND CLAIM TO BE INTELLIGENT. If not, why do we not accept it as a fact? mostly not due to (1) seniority of age and position 2. ego to keep up authority 3. the crowd, area and type of people we live and deal with 4. presume to be well read and as such are intelligent. QUESTION ARISES 1. does intelligent mean well read and well educated 2. does it mean experience 3. does it mean percentage of success 4. does it mean when and how to sail out of difficult situations 5. does it mean how and in what manner to keep folk together etc. etc. I THINK AND FEEL CONVINCED THAT VISION, LOGIC, ANALYSIS, REMAINING UPTODATE WITH THE DAY-T0-DAY DEVELOPMENTS, EXPERIENCE, SELF-ASSESSMENT OF DECISIONS TAKEN AND SUCCESES OR FAILURES THEREOF AND ACCEPTANCE OF INBORN AND ACQUIRED QUALITIES AND HANDICAPS.IF ANY. AT THE END ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT WE ARE AND TO APPRECIATE THE ONE WHOSE ADVICE AND BELIEFS HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF CRISIS AND HAVE BEEN BENEFICIAL TO US, FAMILY AND SOCIETY AT LARGE IS THE REAL INTELLIGENT PERSON.