12 October 2020 06:27

OR AN INDIVIDUAL; I have discussed that in detail but still I find this subject needs to be answered with some more arguments and clarifications. IT IS POSSIBLE SOMEONE IS ADAMANAT, does not listen to reasons, keeps up jealousies and wants to show up his/her prominence, persuasions, reasons and consequences, have not changed his/her action and behaviour. It is possible that the opponents are exciting him/her, giving big hopes and promises etc. IN SUCH EXTREME SITUATIONS, WHEN ONE FEELS THAT ALL RESOURCES HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED AND ANY FURTHER CONTINUATION OF SUCH A PERSON WILL DAMAGE THE ORGANISATION, THE ACTION MUST BE TAKEN QUICKLY TO OUST SUCH PERSON BUT NECESSARILY PRECAUTION MUST BE TAKEN TO PLUG ALL POSSIBLE AVENUE WHICH COULD BE MADE USE AND EXPLOILTED BY SUCH PERSON WHO IS BEING THROWN OUT. THERE IS NO DOUBT SOMETIME CONSEQUENCE COULD BE DRASTIC, BUT TO KEEP UP DISCIPLINE IN THE ORGANISATION, THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE AND AS SUCH ACTION MUST BE TAKEN. In the case of family. I feel when the boy in the family does not listen, does not work, has developed bad habits and is a big problem, the parents throw him out and leave him to his fate despite the fact that it is very painful., same is the case of organisation as well. tks.. 2. An organisation is important all the time but in exception and rare circumstances becomes more important when it is feared that exit of the individual concerned, will cause an enormous exodus and result in unbearable damage to the organisation.