14 December 2019 07:27

IS IT ESSENTIAL TO HAVE CHILDREN. In agrarian society, it was a must to have more and more hands to do the job and be a force against adversaries. In this industrial age, each one finds his/her vocation, employment etc. as such that need as it existed in agrarian society exists no more. It necessitate and transformed to have 2 or maximum 3 children so that parents in their busy life could not look after many and also could not afford for better education and bringing up of their children. NOW it appears this trend is also disappearing due to family conflicts, divorces, woman consciousness that so long as she is beautiful, she is loved, then why to have children and deshape her body, strain of life, individualism, micro units, live-in arrangement, boy and girl relationship, infidelity, lack of trust and most important WHY TO HAVE CHILDREN, TAKE BURDEN, OWN RESPONSIBILITIES AND WHAT FOR, AND INSTEAD WHY NOT ENJOY OUR LIFE SO LONG AS WE LIVE AND BE IN FREEDOM AND MASTER OF OUR OWN. TRUE, ALL THESE ARE THE DISSUADING FACTORS. but I am of the view. despite all problems and responsibilities, which one faces or encounters, still it is ESSENTIAL TO HAVE CHILDREN, to satisfy oneself of mine and thine, to own responsibilities and progress, to look back and/or count upon if not all the time, at least in need and in extreme situations, to thwart stress and strain when in company of wife and children, even being 2 as couple becomes tiring and encourages chances of conflicts etc. etc. Whatever may the case, in old age at least one regrets not to have children,to look back upon, recount his/her life experiences in most cases the miserable ones and important as well to pass on whatever one has amassed or built during one's life time. LIFE IS FULL OF RESPONSIBILITIES, THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN TO HAVE CHILDREN DO LIVE IN BETTER AND COMPARATIVELY ENJOY LIFE BETTER THAN NOT HAVING CHILDREN, this is what I believe in. tks