19 May 2020 06:14

I think it is essential at least in Indian system, to live after marriage till the end. It is essential as the wife and husband the longer they live together, their bondage, understanding of accommodation of each other, tolerance etc. grow stronger. Besides human mind is a screen, whatever happens life, it stores it and even after separation/divorce, past cannot and is not effected until and unless one get into relationship of someone coveted and search for of one's choice. IS IT ESSENTIAL TO LIVE TOGETHER AFTER MARRIAGE TILL THE END. I will say YES for reasons (1) our mind screens all we talk about, live together in happiness or in conflicts, how good or conflicting our journey has been (2) as we grow, our inter-dependence also grows (3) our children who have been and are our love even today, spread over to different places to set up their own abodes and to live in the manner they like, hence as an old couple we are left alone to take care of each other, to recount the past tales and experiences, mostly we talk about the children etc etc (4) as we get old, generally we tend to live in our own abode, cut off from most known, related, friends etc who like us get busy in their own spheres and families or maybe by that time are gone by, hence finding none else to take care and to depend upon, this dependence on each other gets essential, I will not call it compulsion as that feeling will force us to avoid each other in one way or the other, while realisation that this dependence on each other is natural to take care of each other in all needs and necessities for example for ill health, daily needs of life, to avoid loneliness, to remain in trust and full confidence, to avoid fear from in and out etc. etc. do enable us to LIVE TOGETHER TILL THE END. I think and I feel certain that those who change their relationships generally spend their last days in regrets, in recollection and in comparison of the past etc. perhaps their life goes on just in live-in relationship and not in as deep and close relationship as it exists with couples who live together from their wedlock day till the end. founder marriage guidance new concept