09 May 2021 02:14

IS IT NECESSARY TO HAVE CHILDREN. Trend is changing towards NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN, why to take burden and bundle of responsibilities, when social security is the guarantee for the old age, one questions the need about a child whereby one is not sure and is doubtful whether the child when grown up will take of him/her despite his/her own engagements or will get submerged in the bringing up of their children and/or their career and prospects, the girl because of uncertainty about marriage continuation, thinks, so long as she is healthy, good statured, keeps herself young and beautiful she will be enjoying acceptance and appreciation especially by the men folk, then why to have a child, to deshape her body, restrain herself from daily enjoyment and also to live fear erhaps her husband may not flirt with someone else during pregnancy and find preference for someone else hereafter, ADDED TO ALL THESE, THE STRAIN AND STRESS OF PRESENT DAY LIFE, encourages the gown-ups to LIVE ALONE, ENJOY FREEDOM, be in LIVE-IN ARRANGEMENT OR BOY-GIRL FRIENDSHIP RELATIONSHIP. This thinking is perhaps right in their view but I am sure, WHEN THEY WILL REACH OLD AGE, they will realise that IT WAS BETTER TO HAVE CHILDREN DESPITE RESPONSIBILITIES, to have someone at least to look around and feel that IT IS, HE/SHE IS MINE,the least at least to talk over and as such to avoid the rigour of LONELINESS, LIVING IN FEAR, TRUSTING NONE, FINDING DARK AND DISGUSTING EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE. comments