22 October 2019 06:32

IS LIFE LUCK, DESTINY, MAN'S MAKING, DREAMS, HOPES, REGRETS, ACTIONS, ENVIRONMENTS, OPPORTUNITIES, VISION, INBORN CAPACITY, INBORN HANDICAPS, HANDICAPS DEVELOPED DURING LIFE TIME, MISMATCH MARRIED LIFE, WRONG CHOICE OF JOB, LOSSES DUE TO OVER-AMBITIONS AND/OR WRONG CALCULATIONS AND/OR MISREADING THE CHANGES LIKELY TO COME ABOUT, RITUALS, SOCIETY, POLITICAL CLIMATE IN THE COUNTRY AND OUTSIDE ETC. ETC. We observe some are born what is called with golden spoon while some are born in terrible miseries. Some content in belief of past karma, some believe in themselves, get into struggles to overcome miseries, handicaps etc and believe in struggle and rush with aim and do not care for death if it happens. The question arises then what is left to live and enjoy in life. The answers seem to be 1. inborn aptitudes and capacities, 2. association and friends 3. opportunities 4. education and guidance 5. job selected and future opportunities 6. changes, good or bad in the organisation 7. external circumstances etc. etc. ALL THESE COME AND PASS OFF, then what is important in life to live conveniently and happily. I THINK IT CONSISTS IN 1. ambition and matching struggle thereof 2. married life which is most important and with many it turns out a TURNING POINT for good or bad 3. it also depends on one's thinking and conviction that I AM THE MASTER OF MYSELF AND CAN TAKE MY LIFE TO WHAT I WANT, NOTHING CAN STOP ME 4. HENCE COMES THE ANSWERS NEVER COUNT ON ANYONE FOR HELP OR CHANGE, IT IS BETTER TO COUNT ON ONESELF AND ONE'S CAPACITIES AND CHANGE/MOULD ONESELF AS THE SITUATIONS ARISE. I am sure such persons trace their life themselves and live in the manner they wish for and want to be. tks