26 July 2019 06:18

IS LOVE RECIPROCAL OR ONE SIDED. Generally it is reciprocal, it is expected so and practiced. But belief I think is one sided, we love blindly and in full faith that some day love will shower on us and we will get what we have believed in and have been wanting for, while reciprocal could be tolerated for some time but not for all the time. I think wife is the only one who is ever ready to give love , always looks to the pleasure of the husband and prays for his long life while man does it seldom and not always. She also breaks love but in extremes and when she reaches that situation, she is more revengeful than the man. HENCE FOR HAPPY AND HEALTHIER LIFE, LOVE NEEDS TO BE RECIPROCAL BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO IS WHO AND WHERE ONE COMES FROM. comments