15 October 2019 06:55

POOR REMAINS POOR IN GENERAL WHOLE OF HIS/HER LIFE AND DIES POOR AND IN MISERIES. Is it due to his past karma(actions), as it is said, or it is society creation to keep poor as poor for whatever reasons, needless to express my own views as my sole purpose is how to improve their lot. I feel and I am convinced the POOR IS RESOURCEFUL, IS WITTED, GENIUS AND IS INGENUOUS TO FIND AND EXPLOIT ALL HIS QUALITIES AND HARD WORK TO SURVIVE. I wonder how it is that despite all these qualities and willingness to work he/she spends his/her whole life in poverty and miseries, with few exceptions of course. In answer to myth of past actions, I believe that the POOR LACKS RESOURCES, money lender wants profit, entrepreneur pays him/her as per his qualifications, skill and proficiency etc. Government launches lots of schemes which get stuck up in bureaucracy or in politics. THEN THE QUESTION ARISES SHOULD THE POOR BE LEFT TO HIS/HER FATE AS RELIGIOUSLY HE/SHE IS TOLD TO CONSOLE HIMSELF/HERSELF OR THERE ARE SOME ANSWERS. Hence my reflexion and a few ideas. SKILL DEVELOPMENT IS A GOOD IDEA, but what is needed I think, during skill training all expenses must be borne by the skill development institution/government etc. 2. The group which is trained in a particular skill, must be located in village and in the state where their skill could be appreciated and marketed to meet the local needs as also outside. 3. whatever is produced by the group, is bought over by the state, centre etc. to give to government/private organisations to sell off RATHER THAN GIVING SUBSIDY to the skilled group for whatever they have produced. 4. the group must be made quality conscious and quality control must be exercised to make the group understand what is meant by quality and what advantage it will carry for them as a group to grow. 5. time to time the group is moved to the places where their products are being sold, to know how their skill created products are being appreciated or deprecated, to get encouraged and/or to know what is the requirement of the customer and how they have to improve their product. I BELIEVE START IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT, BUT WHEN ONE MEETS SUCCESS, HIS/HER CONFIDENCE DEVELOPS, SUCCESS MULTIPLIES, MONEY COMES IN SUCCESSION, I WOULD SAY EVEN BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. .... thus i urge that the POOR MUST BE PROVIDED RESOURCES AND GUIDANCE WHILE HE/SHE HAS WILLINGNESS AND CAPACITIES TO LEARN AND PERFORM. TKS