24 January 2020 05:53

IS WEALTH EVERYTHING IN LIFE, PERHAPS NOT. It is said and generally it is a fact the more the wealth, the more the problems.Question arises then why to have wealth. Wealth is an essential part of life, it is a means of livelihood and without it one lives in miseries, curses fate, weeps without recourse, gets dis-heartened, wants to die but can't dare, sees all around people living, enjoying and benefiting from comforts which he has't. HENCE WEALTH IS ESSENTIAL FOR LIVELIHOOD, IT IS A SOURCE OF HAPPINESS BUT NOT THE HAPPINESS ITSELF. Happiness is an attitude, which very few attain while many struggle to enjoy comforts and get happiness perhaps temporarily but not all the time. THUS IT IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE WEALTH, BUT IT IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO DEVELOP ATTITUDE TO REMAIN HAPPY, IF ONE REALISES, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE AND WISH OF EVERYONE. TKS