Is Love Stronger Or the Hatred?

27 November 2017 07:54

Generally one will say, love is stronger than hatred as when one is ready to make all sacrifices even one is ready to die but not ever for hatred. Hence Love is taken and accepted stronger than hatred.
But i do not think so and feel that hared is stronger than Love, why so?
Love takes time to develop which happens because of:
       1. Contact
       2. Environments
       3. Age
       4. Gender
       5. Religiousdictas
       6. Marriage
       7. Social and cultural customs
       8. Parentsinfluence and pronouncements
       9. Wishes, dreams, imaginations.
     10. Pre-determined decision
     11. One’s vibrations of liking or disliking.

      - Is instant – doesn’t need much time. It develops because of:
          1. Jealousies
          2. Accusations and variant viewpoints, manners, habits etc.
          3. Misunderstanding
          4. False impression
          5. Illusions
          6. Illicit relationship
          7. pre-conceived image or figure of someone
          8. Religious bias
          9. National interests
        10. Competition
        11. Regional bias
        12. Caste
        13. Clashes of interests
        14. Mockeries
        15. Assets and properties etc. disputes
        16. back-biting
        17. and many other causes.
    - Love takes time to develop while Hatred is spontaneous
    - Love gets shattered by Hate while Hatred is long last; rarely it diminishes or is forgotten
    - The distant one lives, Love strengthens while distance doesn’t make any difference for Hatred.
    - Love attracts while Hatred distracts
    - Love is breakable and renewable while Hatred is almost permanent
    - Love and Hatred go side by side if Love increases, Hatred decreases and vice versa
    - Love helps in forgetfulness while Hatred is unforgettable.
    - Love unites people while Hatred divides and destroys
At present, in this age of industrialization, Love is diminishing while Hatred is increasing, then how to halt or avoid, is a question to ponder:
Cherish Love amongst families, colleagues, nations and as couples and promote tolerance towards religions and beliefs avoid Hatred, never go by illusions, instigations and greed. Remember man is a social animal, needs to live and enjoy with each other and it is the natural instinct which has helped us all to build up families and has leadus to progress and make inventions.
Remember always:
          - Inter-dependence is essential
          - Progress is assured by Love and unity while Hatred leads to destruction
          - Together in Love we hold chance to live and enjoy while in Hatred except destruction, miseries,sufferance nothing gainful comes out rather destruction in all forms flourishes and repeats quite often.

Hence Love must remain the GOAL, laudable always and must remain conscious always about drawbacks and consequences of Hatred, corner it as and when it emerges and never let it grow ever.