25 September 2019 06:56

IN MARRIAGE PROCESS, KUNDLI IS STANDING A HURDLE LIKE A SNAKE CREATING FEAR IN MOST OF THE HINDU FAMILIES OVERRIDING THE CHOICE OF THE BOY/GIRL. All are fearful of the future and it is difficult to break this belief. All know well know that even if kundlis are matched, still there are conflicts and divorces. But matching of kundlis for many families is a PRECAUTION even if not the solution. As a result of this, many spouses who love each other and find each other most suitable to marry and live together, are barred by their families, in particular, by mothers. My advice to such parents and mothers in particular, is PLEASE OVERLOOK THIS TABOO AND DO NOT FEEL AFRAID, GO AHEAD WITH THE CHOICE OF THE BOY AND GIRL ON MERITS. LOGICALLY HAD THESE ASTROLOGERS BEEN CORRECT, SH. ATUL BEHARI VAJPAYEE WOULD NOT HAVE LOST ELECTION WHEN ABOUT 200 ASTROLOGERS PREDICTED HIS SUCCESS. FURTHER WHY THE ASTROLOGERS/PANDITS DO NOT PREDICT THEIR OWN FATE AND THAT OF THEIR CHILDREN, AND GET THEIR CHILDREN MARRIED BY KUNDLI MATCHING AND AS SUCH AVOID CONFLICTS AND DIVORCES. These astrologers/pandits also live a normal life us and face the consequences as we all human beings live in. KUNDLI MATCHING IS A LIVING MEANS FOR THE ASTROLOGERS AND PANDITS, and nothing more. AT BEST PLEASE PERFORM SOLUTIONS (UPAYES) THEY SUGGEST AND BE CONTENTED WITH THAT AND GO AHEAD WITH THE MERIT OF THE GROOMS. I am confident and assure you, you and your children will be happy. comments