22 January 2020 07:13

LIES AND TRUTH. lies are most prominent which by influence, resources and practice get most of jobs done, unnoticed or ignored that these are lies. In legal system, lies are turned to apparent truth by arguments, examples, loopholes, lack of evidence and to some extent by influence. Lies are quickly rewarded while truth takes longer to prove and be accepted. Lies gather friends all around while truth gets a few, perhaps none. Lies give momentary external short-lived happiness while truth brings in internal and long-lived happiness. Truth results in fearlessness while lies keep one in constant fear and self repentance sooner or later. It said face is the index of mind but there do exist some die-hards and professionals who are never afraid of how hard the punishment may be, their denials remain permanent until and unless their conscience pricks them or age or some cruel incidents/accidents make them realise the futility of lies. IN SHORT, TRUTH IS CONSCIENCE WHILE LIES ARE THE PURPOSE. TRUTH IS ALSO SACRIFICE WHILE LIES ARE THE GAINS. AT PRESENT TRUTH IS RARE WHILE LIES ARE IMMENSE.... HOWEVER AS ONE NEEDS HAPPINESS ALL THE THE TIME AND ENJOY IT THE BEST WHICH LIES IN TRUTH ALONE AND NOT IN LIES AT ALL. BELIEVE IN IT, PRACTICE IT AND ENJOY THE FRUITS OF TRUTH, is my slogan and advice..