30 March 2021 09:51

LIFE CREATES CERTAIN ESSENTIALS WHICH EVERYONE HAS TO PASS THROUGH. THESE ARE 1. health 2. responsibilities 3. ambitions 4, motivation. 5. create means enough to live comfortable life 6. to marry and have one's own family 7. to have a compatible life partner WHICH is taken to luck, I will say, mostly by understanding and making efforts to make it compatible 8. family creates responsibilities and responsibilities necessitate efforts to match with requirements and progress 9. greed emerges which in general ruins internal peace 10. before this cycle of life tends to complete, rift in couple and mostly amongst and with the children develop 11.old age and deterioration of health are natural and become unavoidable 12. old age becomes bliss for those who transform themselves to cope with the resultant situations which generally consist in 1. to decide as to how to spend time, in what manners to live with comfortably and happily 2. how to take care of health 3. how to live with and without children 4. for those who succeed in this process, old age becomes a BLISS and those who falter and fail. old age for them turns out to be a CURSE which ends up in regrets and many a time in conflicts. THE FACT REMAINS THAT EVERY ONE HAS TO PASS THROUGH THIS CYCLE OF LIFE, HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER TO LIVE, DEPENDS ON EACH INDIVIDUAL'S CHOICE, HIS/HER EFFORTS TO TURN IT TO HAPPINESS OR A BUNDLE OF REGRETS. ENDING UP CURSING DESTINY AND TO LIVE THE MOST MISERABLE AND PITIABLE LIFE. ... ANYWAY, LIFE COMPLETES ITS CYCLE, TO LIVE HAPPILY OR MISERABLE , I BELIEVE, RESTS WITH ONE'S OWN CHOICE AND DREAMS. TKS