04 January 2021 02:52

LIFE IS CRUEL. Childhood passes worriless, perhaps keenness for studies etc without responsibilities, youth starts with responsibilities and miseries abound, old age is the only time wherein one divests oneself of most of the responsibilities but generally one spends in regrets and conflicts. IN FACT THIS IS THE TIME IF ONE WISHES ONE CAN LIVE BETTER AND ENJOY provided one has arranged sufficient resources to lead a comfortable life and MOST IMPORTANT IS HOW ONE TRANSFORMS AND CHANGES ONESELF TO LIVE WITH FAMILY, RELATIONS ETC. HAPPILY AND ENJOY. Further it is said past must be forgotten, but sometime casually and incidently past rakes up hardships of life, how long one remains engrossed in this past memory, depends on how better or miserable one feels at present. I still remember when I pass through inner circle of Connaught Place where I wept bitterly with no money and none to console me except that the owner of the typing institute offered me to come in the afternoon and practice typewriting to find a job. There are so many other miserable instances, no need to narrate them but the best lesson I drew from my father was that if I become monitor in the class, I will be respected by my classmates, it turned out the best road patch for my career and also I observed and learnt from my father that hard work and honesty do reward always sooner or later. With these principles with whomsoever I worked with, I was paid back in gratitude and guidance. In fact they turned out to be mentor and guide. Besides my observation, vision, motivation, ambition, hard work coupled with ambitious and hard working wife, did bring us to this comfortable and happy life we we are enjoying in this old age.Of course, our children are the added strength and love for us. tks