04 February 2021 08:22

LIFE IS FULL OF PROBLEMS, RESPONSIBILITIES AND MISERIES, THEN HOW AND WHERE LIES THE POSSIBILITY TO REMAIN HAPPY, MOST OF THE PEOPLE REPLY IN THIS MANNER. True. If it is true,then question arises should we continue accepting life as it is in general or learn to fight against and swim over it. It is better to get over and learn to reach a stage when such routines do not bother us. We need to realise that it is part of life, so long as we live, we will be facing these problems and wonder also whether there will ever be some solution to these. I will say if we continue in the environment where everyone is grumbling, we will never find a solution. Hence it is essential to change our environment and be in association of persons who have been successful in life, engage them to talk over and explain how they have reached this marvelous success. With most of them we will find the answer that success has given them prominence as also monetary gains and as such they need nothing to worry about. Then question arises is MONEY THE ANSWER OF ALL PROBLEMS, A bit of reflexion will lead us to conclude that MONEY PERHAPS IS A MEANS TO HANDLE SOME PROBLEMS BUT NOT ALL. Then question arises when one has enough to live comfortably, still he/she faces so many other problems,why and of what sorts, maybe human relationship, business strains, unexpected happenings, upbringing up of children, what to do to lead a happy married life etc. etc. IN MY VIEW GIVEN THAT ONE HAS MONEY GOOD ENOUGH TO LIVE AND ENJOY, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO LEAD A HEALTHY AND ENJOYING MARRIED LIFE AND FOR THIS. GOOD COMPANION IS A BIG COMFORT TO TALK OVER, SHARE RESPONSIBILITIES, DISCUSS AND FIND OUT NOT ONLY ANSWER TO VARIOUS PROBLEMS TOGETHER BUT TO OWN AND FIGHT FOR THE ANSWERS TOGETHER, NONE TO BLAME, RATHER INSTEAD STRUGGLE TOGETHER TO OVERCOME THE PROBLEMS IF ANY.THUS AN UNDERSTANDING COUPLE HELPS BOTH TO REMAIN MOTIVATED AND IF ONE OF THEM GETS DISTRESSED OR DISHEARTENED, THE OTHER IS ALWAYS THERE PULLS UP THE ONE WHO IS DISTRESSED. Conclusion: To get over daily problems, it is essential to have enough MONEY to live with comfortably and at the same time it is essential to be in MARRIED LIFE wherein , with full understanding between the two, one gets answer to most of the problems and lives comparatively comfortably.