07 August 2019 03:44

LIFE IS LIKE MACHINE. As we have to grease and maintain machines, likewise it is essential that we grease and maintain our body to live longer, most probably a happy life. GREASING means what we eat, what we inhale etc. and MAINTAIN means that we have to do exercise,, meditation, yoga etc. to keep ourselves hale and hearty. HOWEVER IN CONTRAST TO MACHINES, LIFE IS FULL OF EMOTIONS which create liking, love etc. while emotions also breed disliking, hatred, jealousies, etc. involving conflicts, fights and in extreme taking to wars etc. EMOTIONS FOR LOVE seek more and more persons to talk over, discuss, be associated and live together, in short inculcate ONENESS AND POSITIVITY while EMOTIONS OF HATRED ETC. breed negativity, disliking and disruption everywhere, resulting in loneliness, depression and self destruction. EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS ARE our creation, the good, better and higher we think, our emotions get rejuvinated and invigorate our body while thoughts of vindictiveness, cruckedness deteriorate our body. IT IS THEREFORE ESSENTIAL THAT WE GREASE OUR BODY WITH BETTER EATING, BETTER INHALING AND BETTER THOUGHTS IF WE WISH TO LIVE A LONGER AND HAPPIER LIFE. tks