03 October 2021 10:04

LIFE IS LIKE THAT, many feel jealous, many wish to destroy to enjoy irrespective of whether they gain or not, hardly few in life care, love and are ready to do everything for one's benevolent behaviour, attitude and observing one in helping others without any demand or reward in return. WHEN ONE IS GENTLE AND KIND, ONE GETS EMOTIONAL, GETS LOST IN SENTIMENTS, FORGETS THE GENUINENESS, BELIEVES THAT EVERYONE IS HONEST, BUT UNFORTUNATELY WORLD HAS CHANGED FROM THE TIME WHEN REMOVAL OF THE TURBAN (my pagri will be taken/thrown out, was taken as an unbearable insult) WHILE NOW EVEN THE WRITING IN CLEAR TERMS AND UNDERSTANDING have no value, especially with the young generation AS, ALAS, MONEY HAS BECOME ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT, insult or jail with many in this individualistic society, has lost its fear. ANYWAY EXPERIENCE GOES, ONE GETS HURT, REMAINS CAREFUL FOR SOME TIME, IS OVERTAKEN BY ONE'S INBORN/INCULCATED QUALITIES AND ATTITUDES, GETS CHEATED AGAIN AND THIS PROCESS GOES ON. Lesson: one must be generous, may not be demanding or expecting any favour or reward in return, but one needs to be shrewd enough to judge and observe others before being swayed away by sentiments, get into regrets and be cheated all the time. One must not forget that such a gesture of generosity could be exploited to cheating, victimisation, so on and so forth.SCARS I DO NOT HAVE BUT AT TIMES IT COMES TO MY MIND THAT I GET EXPLOITED. tks