25 August 2021 12:49

LET ME BE FRANK TO MY ASSOCIATES FRIENDS, READERS AND THOSE INTERESTED that whatever I write are just the guidelines of my experience, thought and vision and are necessarily fool proof for implementation. Circumstances in each family are different and as such views need to be referred and related to action in toto, modified, rectified or as a guiding force to take a decision. THE SUBJECT IN QUESTION AND ANSWER RELATES TO THE CHILDREN WHO WHEN GROW, DEVELOP ACCUSATIONS, FRICTIONS, FIGHTS AND PERHAPS NOT TO SEE EACH OTHER while the wish of the parents remains to keep Tthem united as one knit family to enjoy their bondage and the present. Such behaviour happens because of parents giving more importance to one/some than others, brothers not accepting authority and reprimand by brother(s) due to their relationship from childhood to the present, difference of loyalties and affiliations for their individual family units, their material status, success and prominence etc. I HAD SUGGESTED IN ONE OF MY WRITE-UPs THAT IT IS EASIER TO TALK TO AND CONVINCE DAUGHTER THAN WITH THE SON. It may or may not be true as it shall depend on parents bondage with the children including sons as there are many sons who are respectful to parents listen to them as guide and do accordingly. ANSWER: whatever may be the reasons, whatever relations amongst brothers themselves and with sisters, IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE PARENTS TO MAKE THEM MEET AND PARTICIPATE ON CERTAIN OCCASIONS,EVENTS AND GATHERINGS, TURN OUT AS HOST, AVOID FLARE UP/VENTILATION OF ILL-FEELINGS THROUGH THEIR EXPERIENCE, DIVERSION OF SUBJECTS, INITIATING SOME EXPERIENCES AND JOVIAL TALKS ETC AND AS SUCH THE MORE THE MEETS PARENTS WILL ARRANGE, THE LESSER WILL BE THE EFFECT OF ILL-RELATIONSHIP AND POSSIBLY EACH ONE WILL TRY TO BUILD UP BETTER RELATIONSHIP AND DO THEIR BEST TO KEEP THE PARENTS HAPPY. tks   LIFE IS AN EXPERIENCE AND IS NARRATION OF HIS/HER EXPERIENCE AND ADDED WITH VISION, ONE WHO IS INTERESTED TO SHARE WITH THE SOCIETY AT LARGE, DOES NARRATE THOSE FOR THE BENEFIT OF SOCIETY BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT EXPERIENCE OF ONE PERSON OR FAMILY WILL APPLY TO THE OTHER, BUT COULD CERTAINLY THROW A GUIDELINE TO UNDERSTAND THAT IF SUCH AND SUCH PERSON OR FAMILY CAN SOLVE HIS/HER/THEIR PROBLEMS, THEN WHY SHOULD WE NOT, HENCE SEARCH FOR ANSWERS STARTS AND SOLUTION IS FOUND.